People Categories

Star in the Making

  • Samantha Hayward Sestini and Co Pension Trustees Limited
  • Jayesh Durgawale Mercer
  • Beth Finch Barnett Waddingham LLP
  • Edina Molnar Redington
  • Michael Callari CACEIS
  • Numair Padela PwC - Pensions and Employer
    Covenant & Restructuring team
  • Aniket Kumar PwC - Pensions and Employer
    Covenant & Restructuring team

Leader of the Year

  • Patricia Sharman CACEIS
  • Mark Grant CMS
  • Jonet Dunmore Cadent
  • Daniel Gerring Travers Smith
  • Emma Douglas Aviva
  • Charlotte O'Leary Pensions for Purpose

Team of the Year

  • Member ops (Gurgaon team) Mercer
  • Business Analysis Team Cosan Consulting Ltd
  • CACEIS Educational Team - Sustainable Governance CACEIS
  • CMS Pensions Team CMS
  • Pensions Burges Salmon LLP
  • Pensions Employer Covenant & Restructuring Team PwC
  • Pension Executive and Management Team Barnett Waddingham LLP
  • Cadent Pensions Team Cadent
  • Risk & Compliance NEST CORPORATION
  • Transitions Redington
  • Pensions Travers Smith
  • Clara Pensions executive team Clara Pensions
  • Defined Contribution Consulting Team Hymans Roberston

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Anna Rogers ARC Pensions Law
  • Jane Hanson CBE Reclaim Fund Ltd
  • Ian Neale Aries Insight
  • Ros Altmann N/A
  • Simon Freeman Pendragon


Innovation in Systems and Technology

  • EthicsGrade ratings EthicsGrade
  • New pensions administration system, portal and website BTPS
  • Intelligent Search Knowa
  • Ada Fintech Redington - London
  • Cushon - the digital Pension Cushon

Innovation in Learning, Development and Talent Retention

  • The CACEIS Climate Briefing Podcast Series CACEIS
  • O&T Academy Mercer
  • Professional Qualifications Training Willis Towers Watson
  • Revamped internal and external training programme Eversheds Sutherland
  • Innovation in Collaboration, Learning and Development Facilitated through Independence Pensions for Purpose

Innovation in New Product or Service

  • DBiCAM IRM Models Limited
  • My Pocket Pension Mantle Services Limited
  • Journey to Net Zero Quietroom
  • Pension Schemes Act Triage Tool Burges Salmon LLP
  • Intelligent Search Knowa
  • Pension snapshot Aviva
  • ClearGlass Analytics' Cost and Performance Benchmarking ClearGlass Analytics Ltd
  • Benchmarking Service Hymans Roberston

Innovation in Trusteeship

  • Sharing pension knowledge, end of year Trustee update B&CE, provider of The People's Pension
  • Innovation in Trusteeship Punter Southall Governance Services
  • the Pi Sole Trustee Guiide solution Pi Pension Trustees


Impact on Climate

  • Firmwide Environmental Initiatives Burges Salmon LLP
  • Carbon offsetting Redington
  • Climate change / Net Zero Initiatives Tesco Pension Trustees Limited

Impact on Customer Experience

  • Predictive Complaints Model Mercer
  • Caring for the vulnerable Equiniti
  • Stronger Nudge to Pension Wise Mercer

Impact on the Profession

  • 10000 Black Interns / David Konotey-Ahulu Redington
  • Daniel Gerring Travers Smith
  • Robin Ellison Pinsent Masons

Impact on Society

  • Promoting diversity & inclusion and improving social mobility Burges Salmon LLP
  • Saving Cardiff Bus Cardiff Transport Limited
  • LGBT+ charity Just Like Us Travers Smith LLP

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