General information

The PMI Pinnacle Awards 2024 aims to celebrate the achievements of the people and projects that have been operational in the industry within the last two years (since January 1, 2022).

Entries are welcome to be self-written or submitted on behalf of the nominee by another party, but with the nominee’s approval.

Submissions are welcome from operations both within the UK and abroad.

Important principles

We believe that innovation, equity, diversity, inclusion, and carbon reduction are vital ingredients to an impactful sector. Where possible every award entry should address these principles.


Judges are looking for clear and concise information in each of the sections when assessing the entries. Be clear and concise. Don’t waffle, or use jargon or marketing- speak, please summarise where possible.


This is your opportunity to tell the judges why the nominee(s) should be recognised and celebrated.

Each question will be scored, and incomplete questions will not attract a score.

Please note, each section has a word limit detailed next to the question.

Please use the section numbers and headings/questions to aid judging.

You must not contact any of the judges in relation to your entry.

Supporting files and statements


You may provide testimonial evidence from clients, partners, suppliers, industry figures and your/your nominee’s colleagues within your organisation to strengthen your application.

Supporting materials:

Uploading supporting material is optional and at your own discretion.

As a minimum, we recommend uploading images and, if appropriate, financial figures or charts to strengthen your submitted statements.

Judges are not required to score supporting material but can use supporting material as evidence to support a claim. For this reason, please ensure all important statements are included in the main body of your awards submission - do not rely on the supporting materials section alone to evidence your entry.

Any documents uploaded should be no longer than 1500 words, and any video should be no longer than 5 minutes.

You can upload up to 10 individual files. The maximum file size is 40MB.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, think what a video can do! This is not mandatory, but we recommend providing a video to show the judges a visual of your entry, where one exists. Please do not exceed a time limit of 5 minutes.

Company logo:

When prompted, please provide the logo of the company you/ your nominee works for. This should be supplied in colour, preferably as a vector EPS file. We recommend a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If your entry is successful, we will use this logo to promote you as a finalist on our website.


If possible, please provide a headshot of the entrant, or a team photo if the entry is for a team. This should be supplied in colour, preferably as a vector EPS file. We recommend a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If your entry is successful, we will use this image to promote you as a finalist on our website, along with the company logo.

400-word award summary:

Should your entry be shortlisted, this summary may be published and shared in our marketing activity. Please ensure it is written in the third person.

For example: ‘Company X’s award shows innovation and resourcefulness…’, rather than ‘Our award shows innovation and resourcefulness.’

You will not have an opportunity to review or amend the summary, so please ensure it is correct and accurate before you submit it.

Social media and contact information

You should include the organisation’s social media contact details with your submission in order that we can promote your entry should you be successful. If your entry is for an individual rather than the organisation, you should also include the individual’s LinkedIn profile details if they have an account.

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