The PMI Pinnacle Awards, now in their third year, stand out within the pensions sector for their unique purpose. They serve as a platform to discover and highlight the epitome of excellence whilst enhancing pensions profession standards. Quality is prioritised over quantity, evident in the carefully selected number of categories. We aim to celebrate people and new ideas that contribute to making a real impact in the pension’s world.

Our awards are not merely about self-assessment but about leveraging external perspectives to discern what truly matters. Our esteemed panel of judges, many of whom possess expertise from diverse backgrounds beyond the sector, reinforces this commitment to excellence.

At the heart of the Pinnacle Awards lies a dedication to elevating industry standards and celebrating those who embody excellence. Through this prestigious platform, we not only honour outstanding achievements but also inspire continuous innovation and improvement within the pensions sector.

We look forward to celebrating the best of the best in the pensions sector at the Pinnacle Awards ceremony in November.

- Gareth Tancred, CEO, PMI